“Stop looking at the edge cases as constraints, look at it as an opportunity. Design for the few to benefit the many. Creatives are the gatekeepers – we have the power to surface and reframe these needs”

Politics is about power, in particular, the power to change. Shruti Rai gave a fantastic talk to the Sydney Chapter. She spoke about the growing need and power of designing for the ‘edge case’ and how changing our attitude towards these forgotten fringes of our target audiences can help fuel innovation.

Some of the key takeaways were:

1. Human dimensions are not linear or absolute. How do you adapt to changing human narratives?

2. WIDE Framework: work with diverse teams, identify needs of the excluded, design with them, and envision the relationship.

3. Frame edge cases as an innovation tool to get buy-in. People are more accepting of looking outside the box in this context

Thanks again to Shruti for an insightful talk!

Posted by Rebekah Murphy

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