“Employee Experience is more than just having a ping pong table”

This week the Sydney Chapter invited Catherine Wiggett, Nathan Birch, Emma Jones, Lurnea Simmons, Lucas Olmos, Greg Hodgson and Kimberely Barrett onto a panel to discuss Employee Experience, how it relates to customer experience and how it is changing during COVID – 19.

We kicked off the session with Catherine speaking about a company that is close to her heart (and her stomach). She told us about the Tiptree Jam company who demonstrate the resilience and commercial value EX can bring to a business.

Our panelists were constantly throwing out golden nuggets of information around the employee experience and here were just a few:

Greg spoke about his new role as Head of Design (Server & Data Centre) in Atlassian and his thoughts around EX as a Team Leader.

“I think the responsibility for creating an employee experience is on a lot more people than just the team head. The organization at large has the vast majority of that. The team heads though and people like myself, we’ve got a cultural job. “

“I always think that the jobs of a leader are nothing to do with the work, you could be making widgets or selling coconuts or like in my case it’s software. I think the job of a leader is to make your people feel safe, make them feel like they are making a difference and just listen to them. Sometimes people just need to talk.”

I asked the panel how, as a candidate, can you determine if the culture and employee experience a company is advertising is authentic. More specifically, what questions should you ask an interviewer to cross-check the employee experience and determine if it is lived within the company?

Lurnea gave some extremely practical questions that you could bring into an interview in the hope of looking behind the curtain of a company and understanding if it would be a good fit, culturally, for you.

“How is the value, a particular value you might have seen on the website that’s important to you, exhibited within your immediate team? Can you tell me the last time you saw that being lived? Or, how do you invest in employees? When was the last employee experience activity that you’re proud of? Where are you most challenged in that space?”

We ended the conversation with Lucas bringing us through the Job Seeker Canvas that he and his team at Musketeers have created to help equip candidates and shift their mindset when they are applying for a role. You can find the canvases here.

As time was cut short we were not able to discuss an artefact that has been created by Kim Seeling Smith. Attached below is a nice starting point for those who may be interested in learning more about Employee Experience but do not know where to start.

Thank you again to our incredible panelists and for everyone that joined the lively discussion! Looking forward to seeing you all at the next event.

If you would prefer to read the panel discussion, you can download the full transcript below.

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