“It’s difficult for the needs of the citizens to make it to the policymakers. HCD practitioners are the conduit for understanding between citizens, the policy-makers and politicians.”

Last week Jim McCool presented an incredible talk to the Sydney Chapter around the challenges facing design in government. You can view the full presentation along with the slides he presented below.

If you don’t have time for the full thing, here are the three main takeaways:

1. The Machinery of Government – be aware of election cycles and traditional culture as constraints to design and the ability to implement change.

2. HCD the Trojan Horse – educate the people you work with and take them with you (literally!). Design is a Trojan Horse for capability uplift.

3. Learn to Speak the Language – iterate your own communications and gather feedback from the bureaucrats and policy-makers. Use existing language that they are familiar with (eg. briefing notes)

Thanks again to Jim for a really insightful talk! You can view the slides he presented at the meetup below.

Jim McCool speaks to the Sydney Chapter on Challenges for Human-Centred Designers Working in Government.

Posted by Rebekah Murphy

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