It was great to have Lauren Tan, Kyle Soderberg, Charmian Grove and Neha Chandra from Deloitte Digital on the Sydney Chapter meetup!

During the session the group covered three main areas:

  1. Their journey 🎢 – How each of them came into their current design role in very different ways.
  2. Life Lessons 📚 – How these key lessons have shaped them as a Designer
  3. Future of Design 🔜 – An open discussion with the group on their thoughts of what the future of design looks like.

The team spoke about four strategic pillars of engagement with their customers, being: Teaching, Coaching, Integrating and Storytelling using design thinking and a human-centred approach.

As part of the session, everyone on the call took part in an interactive discussion on the Future of Design, using Zoom’s Annotate feature. It was great to see such engagement from everyone.

During the discussion, a question was raised around whether Deloitte Digital has defined some KPIs (both quantitative or qualitative) to effectively measure the value creation of HCD in projects.

Some useful resources around this were discussed. The first was based on how Deloitte has measured the impact of Human Experience. The second was a study done by IBM and how they drive client value and measurable outcomes with their Design Thinking Framework.

To listen to the full session, you can find the recording below.

‘Design & Creativity in Business’ with Lauren Tan, Kyle Soderberg, Charmian Grove, Neha Chandra in This is HCD / Sydney with Global Chapter Lead, Rebekah Murphy.

Thank you again to Lauren Tan, Kyle Soderberg, Charmian Grove and Neha Chandra from Deloitte Digital coming on to speak about their journeys into Design.

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