Part comedy, part design, part coaching. Rich BrophyJason Crane and Lujan Martinez Cima brought us a snappy and entertaining session covering some of the greatest hits of facilitation. 🎶

Tips and tricks from some of the best in the biz:

1. Experiment with exercises. don’t keep using the same format over and over again. Move people to breakout rooms early, make it fun, get people engaged! 🎉

2. Playback what you are hearing. You can check for understanding or play it back in the wrong way to stimulate conversation 😈

3. Reaching a consensus. Time-box, blame the timer or try a lean-coffee format. Use dot voting as a heat map NOT a final decision-making tool. Make sure you have enough time to unpack WHY the top item was prioritised 💡

4. Rounds. Try this sociocracy technique to equalise power and give everyone a chance to talk. Clarify, share, close. 🍻

During the conversation we had some great feedback and resources shared around, which you can find here:

What is the difference between consensus and consent

Meeting Cost Calculator

Meeting Cost Calculator

If you have any feedback for the Design & Agony panel, feel free to reach out to Rich Brophy or ask Design & Agony for help on some of your own tricky situations here.

Thank you to the Design & Agony panel again and thanks to Ron Tong for helping to bring this meetup together!

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