“HCD is becoming mainstream, yet innovation success rates aren’t

This week we had Nathan Baird on the Sydney Chapter meetup speaking to us about how we can generate compelling customer insights that lead to innovation.

Nathan gave some great practical advice that we could apply to future projects to help get closer to those golden insights!

  1. Multiple Sources πŸ“š – You need to pursue multiple lines of enquiry.
    • You can do this by experiencing the situation the customer experiences.
    • Observing and talking to target customers.
    • Talking to people around your customers.
  2. Extreme Users πŸ‚ – “if you talk to everyday customers you get everyday insights.” Speak to people on the fringes of your target user.
  3. Deprivation & disruption 🚫 – These techniques help heighten the needs and pain points for the customer.

To find out how Nathan has cracked the ‘tougher bit’ of this problem, you can find both a copy of the slides and a recording of the session below.

Thank you again to Nathan and to everyone that joined the session! Looking forward to seeing you all at the next event.

Recording of the session with Nathan, hosted by Rebekah

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