The Sydney Chapter hosted their first virtual workshop with Jodie Moule discussing the topic of how customer-focused organisations are and what we can do to improve this.

Some ideas put forward on how we could improve HCD practices in organisations were:

  1. Clarity around what HCD is and is not 🔎 – The approach needs to be shared more as a way of working and problem-solving than purely as a design methodology.
  2. Cost, time, resources 📊 – One of the biggest hurdles is that it is hard to quantify UX not many organisations align key business goals to UX metrics and measure overtime.
  3. Silos 🚫 – Company structures are still based on silos mainly from business textbooks, dividing the org up into HR, finance, marketing, brand, IT, etc. Some new functions are added like HCD, CX, data science, but they are seen as good-to-have’s rather than core activities.   
  4. How designers show up ✅ – There needs to be an understanding of how HCD can operate at scale from practitioners. Furthermore, they need to be critical of HCD in relation to the environment they are in.   
Some key takeaways from the Miro Workshop!

With so much to talk about and so little time we will be definitely revisiting this topic in the new year.

A complete overview of the Miro Workshop.

Thank you so much again to Jodie Moule for facilitating this amazing discussion. Hope you see you all in the New Year!

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