On Wednesday, September 16, we had the honor and pleasure to host David Dylan Thomas at our second event for the Berlin chapter. David shared with us his learnings and insights about Design for Cognitive Bias.

David used real-world examples and explored all these unknown biases we may have. Probably we are not conscious enough of them either, so David’s talk gave us ideas on how to navigate our thinking process and use mental shortcuts to apply and promote ethical design.

Image showing an excerpt of David's presentation with the title "A series of shortcuts or minds take that often help, but sometimes hurt" and the cover of David's book.

After David’s talk, we had the opportunity to discuss and answer some of our questions and raffle a copy of David’s book Design for Cognitive Bias from A Book Apart. The lucky winner with Nr. 37 had to leave early, but we managed to find them in the local Meetup group. We are awaiting their response to send them over the instructions to download the digital copy

Thanks to David, sharing his knowledge, to Nikos, organizing and hosting the event, and to all participants for joining and keeping up the discussions, we all had a great time. We left a bit wiser and keen to investigate and learn more about design, ethics, politics, and inclusivity.
We are thankful to David for that.

For anyone who couldn’t make it on Wednesday and all of us who would like to listen to David’s talk and the discussions again, we have the recording of the event available and the resources David discussed in his talk and was so kind as to share them with us right after.

Posted by Myrto Papagiannakou

Myrto leads the This is HCD Chapter in Berlin. She is a Senior UX Consultant, Human Experience Designer & Design Mentor, specialized in User Experience, User Research, UX Management, Design Thinking, Innovation Management, and Agile Development.

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